Monday, September 1, 2008

Life in Las Vegas

Well, we finally decided to start blogging so we can show pictures and tell what we've been doing out here. Wayne still works for Mojave Electric and has been there for a little over a year now. He is Union and is a service driver so he has a company van and gas card, which is great!! He really likes his job, which is nice. He hasn't liked his job before this for a long time. I stay home with our 3 kids, which is great. They all started school for the year, which is also great! Lindzie is in 5th grade, Dalton is in 2nd grade and Justin is in preschool.

Lindzie is taking acting lessons and has an agent. She goes on Thursday nights for now. She wants to be on TV so bad, we're trying this out and see if it works. Hopefully she will be found so she can live her dreams! Of course, ya'll will know if anything works out. She is also loving school, seeing her friends and all the boys! We keep telling her that she needs to concentrate on her school work and not boys! So we'll see how her grades turn out :)

Dalton is in gymnastics. He started in June 2007 and he is already on Team, which means he could be competing soon! Competition season starts January through February and we are supposed to find out soon if he is able to compete yet or not. He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 6-8pm and Saturday mornings 9-11am. He loves it and can't wait to compete, so when we find out when and where, we'll let ya'll know!

Justin is having fun in preschool and finally getting out of the house! He loves going to school just like his brother and sister! Justin is a character. He hasn't found anything he wants to do just yet, but he has tried gymnastics and kind of liked it, so we'll see where that leads to. He talks A LOT and asks me all kinds of questions about how things work, and then comes up with his own version of how it works. He talks so much sometimes I just have to laugh!

I am gone every night except Tuesday taking kids to their classes. Wayne has been so sweet during all this!! We have to eat dinner by 5pm and he helps out a lot, especially since school started. I'm helping with homework while he cooks, so he's great!

So that's our family and what we've been doing for now! Take care!